An important part of the League of Legend game are the champions. You have to choose a Champion at the start of each game. There are four different positions in the League of Legend game. Each Champion has its own position in the game. For each position you can find two easy to get Champions. We are show you the four positions there are in the game and which Champions are easy to get for each position.

  1. Mid Lane

Your task is to kill the enemies, or to hit last. You have to choose a mage champion or a assassin. Think about Annie or Akali.

  1. Top Lane

As a champion at the Top Lane position your task is to collect as much money as possible. You can collect the money to hit last and to kill other champions. You can choose a tank or a fighter. Maphite or Garen.

  1. Bottom Lane

On the Bottom Lane you’re standing with two different teammates. A marksman and a support. They have different tasks to fulfill during the game. The marksman has to hit last as many times as he can and the support makes sure he’s busy making it difficult for the opponent. Are you a marksman? You can choose Ashe. Are you there to support? Than you can choose Janna.

  1. Jungle

Your task is to collect money and buffs by defeating Mobs in the Jungle. You have to help your teammates also by jumping into a lane and distract the enemy and making it difficult to kill or hit your teammate last. You can choose Fiddlesticks or Warwick at this position.

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