There are four different positions in LoL. We are going to explain the function of the positions. If you know the function of the positions, it’s eventually easier to choose which champions are fitted for the position.

  1. Mid Lane

The first task if your position is mid lane, is to collect as much money as possible. You can earn money when you kill other champions. If you hit the other champion last, that means you’ll damage the enemy champion who is almost killed, you can also earn money. You don’t have to do all the damage, don’t auto attack! You also have to keep an eye at the other midlaner.

  1. Top Lane

Top Lane looks a lot like the Mid Lane position. Your standing alone at this position. As a champion at the Top Lane position your task is to collect as much money as possible. You can collect the money to hit last and to kill other champions. This position is also called the island. In the beginning of the game you’re standing alone for a long time. That’s because all of the action takes place on the Bottom Lane and Mid Lane.

  1. Bottom Lane

On the Bottom Lane you’re standing with another champion. A marksman and a support. They have different tasks to fulfill during the game. The marksman has to hit last as many times as he can. The marksman is the most dependable of money, that’s why he has support. The support makes sure he’s busy making it difficult for the opponent.

  1. Jungle

The jungler hasn’t got a permanent position on the map. They have to earn buffs by defeating mobs in the jungle. You’ll have to help your teammates during the laning phase. You can help them by walking on a lane out of the jungle to defeat the enemy by surprise. This unexpected attack is called a gank. This position is one of the hardest positions there is, because you haven’t got a clear goal for eyes.

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