different phases of the game
League of Legends

The different phases in the League of Legend game

There are three different phases while playing the League of Legend game. This three phases are taking place in different areas. It’s good to know in which area which phase is taking place because then you know when your hard work is needed.

Early Game

You’re in the early game phase when the game starts. An important thing to know about this phase in the game, is that everyone is weak in this phase. You’re having limited abilities in this phase and also limited abilities capability to kill your enemies. It’s ok to chill in this part of the game because you didn’t want to waste your powers. You only need to have some cheap and basic items and a few health potions. It’s clever to save your better items for the later phases of the game. This phase is also known as the laning phase. The early game lasts until the first tower falls.

Mid Game

The Mid Game starts when the first tower falls. In this phase everybody starts wandering around the lanes. While you had to stay in your own lane in the early game phase, your now free to go. On the different lanes you don’t only see junglers walking around, also other champions are taking a hike. During this phase many towers will fall. You’ll have to think about how you’re going to play the game. Are you going to wander around? Or are you going to protect your towers? Mid game ends when there are a few towers left. When one of the sides lost four turrets.

Late Game

This phase of the game begins when one of the two sides lost four turrets and there are just a few towers left. You only going to survive this phase by using strategy. You’ll have to make sure your full built. You have full built yourself in mid game. Everybody is now moving through the lanes and there are group fights. A lot of group fights.

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