Do you know Nadeshot? The name of Matthew Haag in the Gameworld? He is well known because he is a former professional Call of Duty player. A lot of League of Legends players will be very jealous when they hear what chance Matthew Haag has gotten! A change which is very rare in the e-sports world but understandable when you see how big the e-sports world is getting! We will tell you all about it in this blog!

Dan Gilbert’s investment

Matthew Haag, Nadeshot in the Gameworld, has gotten a great chance to become one of the top players of League of Legends. Dan Gilbert, owner of Cleveland Cavaliers and billionaire, has invested a few million dollar to help Matthew setting up his own top team. He is not going to play League of Legends himself but he has to make a team with the best players. The plan is to create one of the best League of Legends teams of the world. This is just the first game they are going to play. With his team he is going to join the LCS 2018. So when you watch this, keep an eye on 100 thieves. They are trying to make the e-sports world a bigger world.

Matthew Haag and his 100 thieves

For years Haag belonged to team Optic, this team was one of the best Call of Duty teams of the world, also because of Matthew. Now he is stopped playing games as a professional for a few years. He is not going to play League of Legends on big tournaments anymore. In the past months Matthew released his own apparel line, named 100 thieves. Dan Gilbert gave Matthew the chance to promote his own brand while making his team. The name of the team he is going to form is also 100 thieves. That’s a nice way to promote his own, not only clothing, brand.

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