A smurf account is a second account next to your high level cheap League of Legend account. Players that are more experienced and higher level can’t play against lower level players. They make a smurf account (or buy one) to play games at a more fun rank. Famous streamers or professional League of Legend players also pay with a smurf to make sure nobody knows who they are. The term got popular by Geoff Fraizer and Greg Boyko, who played the online multiplayer game Warcraft II: Tides of Darkness. The pair had become so good at the game that not many people would play against them, so, in order to avoid scaring off potential competitors, the pair created alternate accounts named PapaSmurf and Smurfette. Hence the name smurf account.

Reason 1: Playing against friends in other regions

If your main account is in NA, but you want to play with friends that already have a good level in another region, you can buy a smurf cheap LoL account. You can play games with friend on their level without having to grind for hours.

Reason 2: the famous ELO hell

Are you stuck in ELO hell? Many players get their ELO/MMR ruined by poor teammates or just bad luck – but that shouldn’t hold you back. You could spend weeks trying to grind out results and improve your MMR, but sometimes the most effective and quickest way out is to start from scratch.

Reason 3: New champions

If you want to play with new champions, you need lots of IP. IP is not easy to get in large quantities. Buying a smurf account can give you instant access to new exiting champions.

Reason 4: Playing against low level friends

If you have friends that have gained some level, but are not as good as you… you might want to consider buying a new LoL account. But only if your main is too high to play against them.

Reason 5: Got banned

Some people got a (permanent) ban in the past, but still want to play the game. With a smurf account you can get to a good level without much hassle.

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